Jesse Freidin Photography

Opening June 17

Artist Statement
Humans and dogs have an incredible history of love and devotion, and I am fascinated by watching that history develop in our modern world. The simplest moment of watching a soggy tennis ball dropped perfectly at one’s feet sums up a contemporary definition of ‘love’ that I just can’t get enough of. Being able to articulate that unspoken bond through my photography is not only inspiring- it is a wonderful responsibility. My studio is dedicated to creating images my clients will cherish for years, and that means doing everything the old fashioned way. With film, and by hand from start to finish. I print my darkroom photographs to archival standards so that future generations can enjoy the work clients commission for years and years to come. I have an unwavering commitment to preserving and nurturing the culture of photography. I find analog photography to be the purest form, as it requires me to remain vigilantly attentive at each stage of the creative process. There are no short cuts when working with a Hasselblad or focusing an enlarger. From the choice of aperture in the field, to the chemistry in the darkroom, to museum quality acid-free matting and frame assemblage. I want to present a selection of this body of work to the JCCSF community to encite a discussion on the modern jewish family, and the place of animal companions within that ever developing space.

Jesse Freidin is one of America’s leading fine art dog photographers, working exclusively with traditional analog film processes. He is dedicated to a return to realness, to craftsmanship, and to lifting up the household dog to its rightful place as contemporary muse. As a body of work, Jesse’s dog portraits continue a centuries-long practice of commissioned artists entrusted with articulating the ineffable bond between dogs and humans. His photographs offer a rare view into contemporary American households, each piece telling a unique story of modern domesticity. Jesse Freidin’s photography is in over 60 private collections throughout the United States and has been exhibited in more than 15 locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Utah, Louisiana, Los Angeles and New York. His work has appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Modern Dog Magazine, Winq Magazine, Pink Magazine, DIY Doggie, The Sunday Times (UK), The Globe and Mail (Canada), East Village Boys, The Impossible Project Blog, and more. He was awarded the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Best Dog Photographer in the Bay Area for his fine-art pet portraiture, and is also the creator of the Doggie Gaga Project, an overnight media sensation linked online by Entertainment Weekly, MTV, TMZ, and The Sundance Channel, and featured on ABC’s Live! With Regis & Kelly.