Caravan to Class

Imagine a world… where no matter where a child lives, the fundamental right of education is assured.

Caravan to Class is an all-volunteer run charitable organization whose mission is to invest in education and bring literacy to some of the world’s most remote villages in the Sahara Desert region of West Africa. We started with the commitment to build a school in the village of Tedeini, Mali, outside of Timbuktu. We are currently building our second school in the village of Mora, Mali. In June, 2012, Caravan to Class will assume the responsibility for an additional five schools. With this, Caravan to Class will be the literacy lifeline to more than 1,500 students ages 6 – 12.

Our photo exhibit features pictures of Caravan to Class students, teachers, educational infrastructure and other interesting aspects of the villages where we operate. We hope to deliver the message that like the children in these pictures, every child deserves an opportunity and hope for the future.

Mali is the largest country in West Africa. It boasts some of the world’s most interesting cultures from the formerly nomadic Tuareg to the animist Dogon. Mali is a country of villages, many located close to the life-giving Niger River, Africa’s third longest. According to the UN Human Development Index, Mali ranks as one of the world’s most illiterate and poorest countries. However, it has also been one of Africa’s more stable democracies and one of the friendliest and most hospitable countries to visit in Africa.