Youth & Family Shabbat Dinner and Benefit Concert

Empowering Women and Girls Around the World
Tikkun ha-olam, repair of the world, is one of the JCCSF’s seven Middot, values, and is one that has been embraced by participants in our elementary-aged afterschool program (HYC), our teen programs (Club18 and GenSF) and various spring camps. Enjoy the concert, meet the Youth & Family staff and join our community of empowered JCCSF youth and teens in raising funds for impoverished women and girls around the world.

The benefit concert coincides with Rosh Chodesh Iyyar, a date in the Jewish calendar often considered a women’s holiday, one to be celebrated with singing. On this evening, we celebrate the work that the American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is doing around the world to create positive change and empower women.

Don’t miss teen performers:

  • The SHE’S – popular SF teen band (formed at the JCCSF’s summer Rock Camp)
  • Daniel Meyer – teen solo artist
  • Upload – performed at the March 19 GenSF Open Mic event
  • Comodo Complex – performed at the March 19 GenSF Open Mic event

This concert is one of several of the year’s efforts to benefit this worthy cause. Previous tikkun ha-olam events included:

  • A middle school-led discussion on Ethiopian culture
  • An HYC bake sale for the Samarth Mahila Sangathan Project in India
  • An Earth Day celebration with a group of young, activist campers

Friday, May 6
6:00 – 9:00 pm