Kids Helping Kids

Kids HelpingStudents in HYC After-School Program Raise $1,200 to Help Fund Solar Power for Orphanage  

The award-winning Havurah Youth Center is more than just an afterschool program. At HYC, kids get fascinated by science, inspired by the arts, challenged by sports and swimming, and stirred up to change the world. 

Students in the Tzofim division learned that the Ama Ghar orphanage in Nepal lacked power 16 hours a day – and that four of those hours with power, were after midnight.

Our HYC students decided that Ama Ghar needed light. So they organized a bake sale and asked JCCSF guests to help out. The result – they raised $1,200 to help purchase solar panels so that kids of the Ama Ghar orphanage could do homework in the evening! 

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