Tu B'Shvat: New Year of the Trees

Begins Sunset February 3 - Observed February 4, 2015

This holiday is named for the date on the Jewish calendar on which it falls: the 15th of the month of Shvat. It’s also known as Rosh Hashanah (New Year’s holiday) for trees because when ancient Israelites calculated agricultural cycles they used this day as the start of the new cycle. Any fruit-bearing tree planted before Tu B’shvat belongs to the previous year’s cycle and any tree planted after Tu B’shvat belongs to the current year’s cycle. In the 16th century, Jewish mystics started a tradition of hosting a seder (similar to the ceremonial meal that takes place during Passover) in honor of the holiday. This seder is celebrated by eating different types of fruit and drinking four cups of wine accompanied by blessings and singing.

Celebrate Tu B'Shvat at the JCCSF with the following programs:

Saturdays Unplugged Goes to Camp
Saturday, January 31 • 3:00 pm

Tu B'shvat Olive Tasting
Tuesday, February 3 • 5:00 pm