In These Walls: Ten Years of Building Memories

Since we opened the doors to our current building in January 2004, we’ve spent 10 years gathering, exploring, connecting and building memories together within our walls. During the month of January, we celebrated this special time at the JCCSF with activities for all ages – thank you for helping us build even more memories.

We’re still celebrating online at our digital venue, 3200 Stories. Learn how to share your stories about moments together in this building, and read the collective stories of our community, at

Mosaic Tiles Project
With Joshua Margolis, Art & Ceramics Studio Coordinator
In select youth ceramics classes this winter, kids are using mosaic tiles from the original building at 3200 California Street as inspiration for creating a new mosaic to be permanently installed in our building. Stay tuned for more information on the unveiling event in April. Children must be enrolled in a winter ceramics class to participate. Register your child today.