JCCSF Poland & Budapest Trip - Testimonials

When you take a trip like this your experience and learning is so much more than ever anticipated. Fred Rosenbaum is so knowledgeable and is so willing to share that knowledge. I am so glad we were on this trip. Susan Geifman (Walnut Creek, CA)

The trip to Poland and Budapest with Ariel Goldstein and Fred Rosenbaum as our guides was more than I could ever have imagined. It was truly a transformational experience. Ariel and Fred were extremely knowledgeable about the areas and as a result, the trip was an incredible learning experience. They were well organized and handled all of the logistics down to the minutest detail. Their caring and compassion created a very supportive atmosphere which helped us all deal with some of the emotionally charged sites in Poland. By the end of the trip, the group had become very close, and I know I will continue to stay in contact with my many new friends. Sheryl Blumenthal (San Mateo, CA)

JCCSF Morocco Trip - Testimonials

Morocco has been on our short list of destinations for several years. After two aborted attempts we were finally successful with our trip with the JCCSF. Not only did we see the sites, sounds and odors of Morocco in all its ancient glory, we had the added bonus of seeing Jewish Morocco. Jews have been in Morocco for at least 2000 years and perhaps longer and the tour that Ariel planned and executed captured the highlights and flavor of this very old community. We highly recommend the trip to all who are interested in Morocco and especially its Jewish history. Sandy & Norman Coplon (Portola Valley, CA)

JCCSF Argentina Trip

There were several times I was moved to tears by our cultural, and now personal, closeness with Jews who are geographically distant. Lynne Newhouse (San Francisco, CA)

The JCCSF trip to Argentina was my first experience traveling with the Jewish Community, and it was the most inspiring and wonderful group travel experiences I've had. It offered a strong, sincere and thoughtful perspective on Jewish history, yet remained open and general enough to encompass all the other cultural, artistic and traditional aspects of Argentina's heritage Alicia Sabuncuoglu (Oakland, CA)

JCCSF Israel Interfaith Couples Trip

As a person raised in a Muslim and Christian home (married to a Jewish man), I was so happily surprised by the irony of the mystery and normality of Israel and all the amazing information I would never have had without the JCC tour/group. The places, the perspective, the education, the friends/company and the attention to loving detail are only some of the reasons I would wholeheartedly recommend this trip. I had my thoughts and notions going into this trip, and I'm so glad that I was wrong/right/nowhere-near-target all at the same time. Thank you for a beautiful, well thought out, sensitive, personal, complex, unified and eye-opening experience I will never forget (or take for granted). Syma Kazeminy (San Francisco, CA)

The Interfaith Israel experience was life changing. I would recommend this trip to anyone interested in Israel, or learning about a new culture. It was one of the most thought provoking, interesting and fun trips I have been on. I am so glad Jake and I decided to go on this trip, it will always be such a wonderful experience to remember together. Aimee Zimmerman (San Francisco, CA)

JCCSF Berlin & Prague Trip

We've never wanted to go to Germany but since the Jewish Museum and Holocaust Memorial were constructed we wanted to see them. Going with a Jewish group offered the environment and support we needed to view and appreciate what we were seeing. Helen Sweet (Lafayette, CA)

My trip to Berlin and Prague from our pre trip meeting to our farewell dinner was absolutely fantastic! The trip's leaders gave us a great deal of insight and information as we traveled both countries. I would not hesitate to recommend traveling with JCCSF/Lehrhaus Judaica to friends and family. I can't wait for my next opportunity to travel with Fred and Ariel. Liz Wallerstein (San Rafael, CA)

JCCSF Cuba Trip - Testimonials

Our mission to Cuba was a unique and incomparable cultural experience. The JCCSF program provided opportunities to learn Cuban history, connect with the people and their arts, and make a difference within their communities. What's more, the members of the JCCSF proved to be some of the best travel companions we've ever had. Irene & Robert Hepps (Oakland, CA)

I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning about Jewish life in Cuba and about the history and culture of Cuba in general. Ann & Allan Lerch (San Francisco, CA)

JCCSF Israel & Jordan Trip - Testimonials

This program brought together the ancient and modern worlds of Israel not only with the two great Lehrhaus scholars, Fred Rosenbaum and Jehon Grist but also the Israel tour guide Jeremy Arons and the trip coordinator Ariel Goldstein. Each had his own perspective and views which greatly enriched and enhanced the trip. Lorri Holzberg (Menlo Park, CA)

For a first timer to Israel I couldn't have hoped for a better introduction. The leadership and educational aspects of this trip were outstanding. Susan Mountak (Oakland, CA)

It is the most unforgettable tour I have ever been on. Bella Barany (Oakland, CA)

Going to Israel with Ariel: A magical trip to a special country, emotional and profound. Israel is a place where people are rooted firmly in the past, experienced most especially in Jerusalem but elsewhere also. Yet at the same time, we had the chance to appreciate the excitement and modernity of Tel Aviv, and the growth going on in Israel today. Jehon, as an archeologist, gave us the perspective of traveling through a world many years ancient, while Fred brought us up to today, teaching us of the struggle to come to terms with what has taken place since Israel became a state in 1948 and the current political situation. I fell in love with Israel, and would go back tomorrow if I could. Jaye Berenson (San Francisco, CA)