I Have Never Forgotten You

USA, 2007, 105 minutes
German and English with Russian subttitles

This documentary, narrated by Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman, explores the life and legacy of Simon Wiesenthal, the Austrian-Jewish architectural engineer who became the legendary ”Nazi hunter” and “conscience of the Holocaust” after surviving the Holocaust, but losing 90 members of his own family. Wiesenthal died in 2005 at age 96, but luckily left for us, the viewers, a treasure trove of interviews for the director of the film, Richard Trank, to examine in creating this compelling portrait of a man driven not by personal vengeance, but by a tireless lifelong search for justice. In this film, we have Wiesenthal’s relating the story of his life in his own words, often with tears in his eyes.

Friday, Apr 18

Starts at: 2:30 pm

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