Matinee Movies

Join us for monthly free afternoon movies showings. The movie selections reflect a variety of themes, time periods and locales. Revisit an old favorite or check out a new one.

Admission is Free

The Iron Lady (2011)

105 minutes, 2011
The film introduces us to Margaret Thatcher, "The Iron Lady", as an older woman with dementia. As the end of her life approaches, the audience is treated to scenes illustrating...

Thursday, Feb 13

Starts at: 1:00 pm

Umberto D. (1952)

89 minutes, 1952, In Italian with English subtitles
Acclaimed Italian director Vittorio De Sica introduces us to Umberto D. a retired and somewhat solitary man faced with the challenges of supporting...

Thursday, Mar 13

Starts at: 1:00 pm

The Great Gatsby (2013)

143 minutes, 2013
Australian director Baz Luhrman remakes the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic portrayal of 1920s American high society, glittering jazz and decadence. Chasing the American Dream propels...

Thursday, May 8

Starts at: 1:00 pm